This Week at Heart for Winter Haven (1/18/16-1/22/16)

By: Michael Cassidy

This past week at Heart for Winter Haven has been very busy. From meeting with Polk Vision to listening to the construction workers in the back of our building, it has been far from unproductive.

We began this week meeting with a couple of the county’s finest Christian business men. Brad, the Executive Director of Heart for Winter Haven, pitched the  Jobs for Life event he is hosting in March. On that day we also met with Polk Vision about improving the quality of life in Winter Haven. There were many ideas discussed about improving the quality of life for each demographic in the Polk County area. This was also the day Heart for Winter Haven took its first step towards cultivating an online blog to document our activities and beliefs.

On Wednesday we met with a very successful women in the world of business, Sandy Giblin, about writing a grant for our main office, the Volunteer Here center. Preceding this we met with a client for some heart to heart counseling. Proceeding all of this Brad went to a lunch meeting, and I called around to try and set up meetings with the purpose of selecting a date to spend days with the local agencies.

Yesterday we began the day meeting with the Council for Healthy Aging. In this meeting we discussed a survey for the elderly community of Winter Haven. This survey is meant to help AARP lay the foundations for what is going to be involved with the development of their Community for the Elderly. I went to a meeting with Margaret Jones, the executive director of Prodigy in Winter Haven, and Brad had a counseling session. My meeting with Margaret was very informal and we decided that Monday would be the best day for me to come in and inquire as to how Prodigy in Winter Haven ministers to the children in their program. Margaret seems to me to be a wonderful woman with a desire to really uplift the at risk children of Winter Haven.

Today, Friday, Brad and I spent the first part of the day brainstorming the details of our vision here at Heart for Winter Haven and discussing the gospel in the lives’ of men. After this Brad had a meeting with Fred Simons about a Golf Tournament Fred would like to host as a fundraiser for Heart for Winter Haven. We are winding this day down doing some organizing of materials necessary to receive our grant and access needed information.

Have a great weekend!


Quality of Life

Heart For Winter Haven believes that there are three key components in improving the quality of one’s life:

1. Positive belief or faith in a power greater than yourself.

2. Purpose-driven involvement within the community (Who/what-ever is involved in this community).

3. Personal fulfillment through the collaboration of our belief and action.


Section 1- Positive Belief or Faith in a Power Greater than Yourself

“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.”

-Nikos Kazantzakis

“Believe you can, and you are halfway there.”

-Theodore Roosevelt

Many key note speakers in history all came to a realization as to how much power belief holds in the lives’ of men. Thought is important enough that we have even designed a test using the power of The Believing Human Mind to credit the use of newly developed medicines. Namely, the placebo test. Bearing this in mind we can understand that belief plays a foundational role in the lives’ of men. Dr.Noyes has even been recorded saying, “I think one cannot have practiced medicine long without being convinced of the necessity of securing the confidence of patients as a condition essential to success,” (The Detroit Lancet, 174). Success, confidence, and belief all work together to prepare the individual for improved quality living.


Section 2- Purpose-Driven Involvement Within the Community (Who/what-ever is involved in this community)

Working from the foundation of belief we believe that the next step in improving the quality of life is to take action according to this belief.  Jeff Speaks say in his article, “It is very natural to think of belief and desire as the two most fundamental kinds of mental states: beliefs register information received as input from the world, and desires are those states which, when added to beliefs, yield certain behavioral outputs” (Speaks, 2004). Desires first have to be added to beliefs, and when there is positive belief there will be action that is constructive to the individuals life. When this belief is exposed to the community through purpose driven involvement there is a vulnerability that creates a new opportunity to add to the improvement of the individuals life. In her book, Brown (2015) says that when we dare to drop the armor that protects us from feeling vulnerable, we open ourselves up to the wonderful experiences that bring purpose and meaning to our lives. This vulnerability would be one of the binding agents between our belief and our actions.

Which brings us to…


Section 3- Personal Fulfillment Through the Collaboration of our Belief and Action

Pychyl (2008) says that when we make progress towards our goals, we feel happier and more satisfied with life. We believe that when we combine our beliefs with our actions that we will feel happier when we carry out these actions.









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