NAZ Thrift Shop

By: Michael Cassidy

NAZ Thrift Shop is a thrift store that opened a couple of weeks ago during January. It is located at 236 Ave D SW, Winter Haven, FL 33880. I have spent a large portion of time with them and I have realized that they really have a Heart for Winter Haven. Chris Caldwell, the manager of the store, Is a picker at heart and he finds deals and items unique to the average home shopping experience. This store was conceived by The Church of The Nazarene with the desire to offer the best deals on used clothes and furniture to help the people in the lower-income brackets of Winter Haven.

I spent my time there assisting them with developing a presence in the online sales community and placing items throughout the store. Essentially all I did was lead them to the right links, they were more than willing to do the rest. We also rearranged the store so that it would be more appealing to the customer’s eyes upon walking in. Whether it works or not only time will tell.

Though there was an excitement and wonder to being in the store it was even more exciting to see them developing their presence online. You can now find them on Facebook, Craigslist, and Ebay. They also have their own website now and they have set up an account with Amazon Advantage to sell their used books that people donate to the store. When all of this is added together, NAZ Thrift shop is doing everything they need to do to ensure their success!

Honestly though, this place is pretty sNAZzy!


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